Windows Shared Hosting

As one of the true industry leaders in ASP.NET hosting, we’ve taken the Windows Platform to the next level with Cloud Spaces.
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Cloud Spaces: ASP.NET is platform hosting at its best. It offers the simplicity of shared hosting (with Plesk) and the reliability and performance of a high-availability cloud infrastructure. Our Low-tenant, Semi-dedicated solution offers your apps or sites a shared hosting environment with under thirty other customers on the server (as opposed to hundreds, as you would normally see in a shared hosting model). This provides your app or site with more resources and a much more stable environment. Cloud VPS provides you with your own virtual instance of the operating system, with admin/root access. It offers the flexibility and freedom of dedicated server hosting with the performance and high-availability of cloud hosting.

All plans include
24/7/365 U.S.-based phone, email, and live chat customer support
Plesk for hosting account management
1-click installs for over 200 of the world’s most popular web applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more
24/7/365 server monitoring
Advanced traffic stats

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Windows Shared Hosting Comparison Chart





Platform IIS8 IIS8 IIS8
Disk Space 3 GB 6 GB 10 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 200 GB 800 GB 1.2 TB
Aliases 25 50 100
FTP users  5 25 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 5 25
MySQL Space 800 MB 1.2 GB 2.4 GB
MSSQL Databases 1 10 20
MSSQL Space 800 MB 1.2 GB 2.4 GB
DNS management
Users 5 25 100
Spam Filtering
Content Filtering
SMTP Authentication
SSL Optional Optional Optional
Shared SSL
24/7/365 Support

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